Taking Bookings: Offshore Deepwater Ling Cod/ Rockfish! and Near Shore Bottomfish!



Prices for the 2017 Fishing Season

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Estes Kings


  • Offshore Halibut/ Ling Cod  $280.00

    ( Sorry, Because we only have a 3Day Season, These Trips are Sold Out)    

  • Sekiu Halibut/True Cod (Calm Water) $215.00

  • Off-Shore Ling Cod with Rockfish Combo ** $215.00

  • Neah Bay Chinook and Coho Salmon $200.00

  • Neah Bay Bottomfish $170.oo

  • Salmon/Bottomfish Combo**** $260.00

  • Puget Sound Salmon Fishing $200.00

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We offer a 10% discount for Active Military



** Offshore Ling Cod Trips are offered early in the season Starting on April 16, and running through May 3rd. When our States 20 Fathom (120ft) Depth restriction goes into effect.  On these popular trips we will be using the Heavy Gear to target these Large

Ling Cod laying out for a picture

Ling Cod laying out for a picture

Deep Water Ling Cod. Once we have reached our limit of 2 Ling Cod each, we will swap out to the Light Gear and stop on the way in for Rock Fish.(Time/Weather Permitting)The limit is Ten Rock Fish.

A full box of Yellow Tail Rockfish from one of our Deep Water Ling Trips.  Our Fish Box sprays Seawater on your Catch to keep it Cool and Clean
A full box of Yellow Tail Rockfish from one of our Deep Water Ling Trips.
Our Fish Box sprays Seawater on your Catch to keep it Cool and Clean


*** Sekiu Halibut Trips will be available Again this year. When we started offering these inside Halibut Trips, we were a little unsure of our success rate. As it turns out, we were able to find some Great Spots and have Great success! We have been able to find Limits of Halibut on almost all of the days. last year the State allowed retention of Tru-Cod (Pacific Cod) We are now able to keep 2 Tru-Cod with out Daily limit of 1 Halibut. The open days  for this trip:(Have not been determined  yet). I will post the open days as soon as they are set by WDFW. This is an excellent opportunity to jump on-board for a Halibut Charter, if you are one of the many who were not able to get on one of our very limited Ocean Days. This is also a great trip for those who prefer the calmer waters. Call now to book a trip-206-595-9526 or 425-788-5955


**** U.S Waters only for Salmon Bottomfish Combo fishing

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