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March 1, 2015 @ 12:00 am


 Ocean Salmon Seminar

March 12th


At Puget Sound Anglers Sno-King Chapter Thursday March 12th 6:30

Mike Jamboretz of Jambo’s Sportfishing is going to be showing you how to set up your boat, downriggers, and rods, to catch Chinook Salmon when they are running very deep. This is not an uncommon occurrence.  
Mike fishes for Chinook mainly out of Neah Bay. The Near-Shore fishery from Skagway to Umatilla can be Great, but it can be inconsistent. Fishing this area is all about timing and can be compared to fishing a river, as in right place-right time. When the fish are not following the beach, they can generally be found off-shore and in deeper water. Fishing the canyon edges, and out on the ‘Prairie’ can be very productive. The problem is that there are times when water temperatures rise, and the Chinook are too deep to reach with traditional sport gear.
As a Fishing Charter Captain, I am constantly searching for any ‘Intel’ available. Over the years it is apparent that during these times, the majority of nice Chinook coming in are landed by Commercial Trollers, and not Sport Fishers. The frustrating thing for us is that quite often the Trollers are only finding the good biters on the bottom spreads of their gear, which is too deep for average sport gear.
 These are the times when the only bait balls that we can find, look like Haystacks of bait fish rising 50 ft off the bottom in 450+ feet of water. A few years ago I would be too afraid of tangles to drop the Downrigger Balls deep enough to reach these fish. Over time, trial, error, and tangles, I have finally developed a method to successfully fish 4 Rods at these depths with as much as 480ft of cable out. I will not say that we never tangle, but we are not tangling until we have multiple Chinook hooked up. It is not uncommon to find that Happy Spot and hookup all 4 Rods.
In my Ocean Salmon Seminars besides the usual Tackle Talk, I now cover the importance of Ocean currents, and how set up your boat and gear to successfully fish these Deep Water Chinook

Thursday, March 12th  6:30PM
on the Edmonds Waterfront

220 Railroad Ave

Edmonds, WA  98020


BIG Pizza Slice or Hot Dog: $2  Soft Drinks: $1


featuring a Scotty 2106 High

Performance Downrigger




Halibut Fishing Seminar: At Cabela’s (Tulalip)  March 14th and 15th


Mark your calendar for Saturday and Sunday-March 14th and 15th.

This is Cabela’s “Spring Great Outdoors Sale” and “Captain’s Weekend”. Two days of Great Sales/ Outdoor Seminars. Local Guides and Charter Captains will on hand conducting Free Fishing Seminars both days. Captain’s will have tables set up throughout the store and will be on hand to answer questions, and discuss upcoming fishing opportunity’. At The Tulalip Cabela’s Store

“Jambo’s Sportfishing” will have a table in the fishing department both days. Stop by and say Hi.

Captain Michael Jamboretz from “Jambo’s Sportfishing” will be conducting a Halibut Fishing Seminar at 3:00 PM on Saturday March 14th in the Fishing department. This is a good time to sit in, and get dialed in, and sharpen your skills for a Safe and Successful Halibut trip this Spring!