Come to the Big Seattle Boat Show and sit in one one of Jambo’s Ocean Salmon Fishing Seminars (click for times)
Jan 15 – Jan 30 all-day

 Productive Ocean Salmon Techniques


 Friday, January 23rd,   7:00 PM   Stage #1

Monday, January 26th,  3:00 PM      Stage #1

Tuesday, January 27th,  3:00PM       Stage #1

Thursday, January 29th, 3;00PM, and 6:00PM      Stage #1 

It’s Time to Book your 2015 Fishing Adventure!! (click here)
Jan 15 @ 12:00 am

We are taking Reservations, Now, for all of our Ocean Charters which will start on April 16th.
We start our Season with our “Deep Water Ling Cod/Rockfish Combos”.

These Trips were created to offer a Great Deep Water Experience for our guests that were not able to get in on one of the days of our ridiculously short Four Day Halibut Season. The Ling Cod population Offshore is very Healthy. We have no problem finding a couple of dandy Ling Cod for everyone. We then target the offshore Rock fish (ten each) on this Trip; you will come home with a lot of delicious White Meat and sore arms. The state has extended this season to include the first 8 days of May this year. The 20fatham depth restriction goes into effect on May 9th. Regular near shore Bottomfish Trips are always available after the Deep Water depth restriction. We are full for our Offshore Halibut trips. We are Now Full on our Inside Halibut Trips. We will offer these calmer water trips in Sekiu (Marine Area 5) we are able to keep One Halibut and  Two True-Cod.

April 2014 LC

Wayne and Brenda 2014




We are expecting to see  another  Great Salmon Season with large numbers of Chinook available. Last Season in our Port  (Neah Bay) we were able to retain 2 Chinook in our daily Salmon Limit. We had Huge Success for our guests, and we are excited to see another Big Salmon year. This is a Pink Salmon year, and we will be able to keep one Pink (Humpie) as a bonus to our two Fish limit. The Regular Ocean Salmon will run through August and into September. 

Here are a few pictures from our 2014 Salmon Season.


S 20 S 26 S 30 S 14 S 18 Chip YT 5 Hough Double 7s Father Son Bryce Emily S 32 336 309 209 185 158

 In September we will move our boat back into Puget Sound to Fish the returning Coho (Silver Salmon) and Humpies ( Pink Salmon).

Click on the Fish on the right on this page for information on our Guided Sportfishing trips. We welcome guests of all experience levels. These trips are all Fun!!!

 Feel free to call 425-788-5955 or email for more information about booking Your Trip

The Sekiu Halibut Dates are Set !!!! (click here for info) @ Sekiu Halibut Fishing
Feb 10 – Mar 3 all-day

Here are the 2015 Dates open for Sekiu Halibut:

May 15-16   May 21-24   May 29-30

Sorry we are Now Full

Call 425-788-5955 or E-mail

to book your Trip


Check out our upcoming Fishing Seminars!!!
Mar 1 @ 12:00 am


 Ocean Salmon Seminar

March 12th


At Puget Sound Anglers Sno-King Chapter Thursday March 12th 6:30

Mike Jamboretz of Jambo’s Sportfishing is going to be showing you how to set up your boat, downriggers, and rods, to catch Chinook Salmon when they are running very deep. This is not an uncommon occurrence.  
Mike fishes for Chinook mainly out of Neah Bay. The Near-Shore fishery from Skagway to Umatilla can be Great, but it can be inconsistent. Fishing this area is all about timing and can be compared to fishing a river, as in right place-right time. When the fish are not following the beach, they can generally be found off-shore and in deeper water. Fishing the canyon edges, and out on the ‘Prairie’ can be very productive. The problem is that there are times when water temperatures rise, and the Chinook are too deep to reach with traditional sport gear.
As a Fishing Charter Captain, I am constantly searching for any ‘Intel’ available. Over the years it is apparent that during these times, the majority of nice Chinook coming in are landed by Commercial Trollers, and not Sport Fishers. The frustrating thing for us is that quite often the Trollers are only finding the good biters on the bottom spreads of their gear, which is too deep for average sport gear.
 These are the times when the only bait balls that we can find, look like Haystacks of bait fish rising 50 ft off the bottom in 450+ feet of water. A few years ago I would be too afraid of tangles to drop the Downrigger Balls deep enough to reach these fish. Over time, trial, error, and tangles, I have finally developed a method to successfully fish 4 Rods at these depths with as much as 480ft of cable out. I will not say that we never tangle, but we are not tangling until we have multiple Chinook hooked up. It is not uncommon to find that Happy Spot and hookup all 4 Rods.
In my Ocean Salmon Seminars besides the usual Tackle Talk, I now cover the importance of Ocean currents, and how set up your boat and gear to successfully fish these Deep Water Chinook

Thursday, March 12th  6:30PM
on the Edmonds Waterfront

220 Railroad Ave

Edmonds, WA  98020


BIG Pizza Slice or Hot Dog: $2  Soft Drinks: $1


featuring a Scotty 2106 High

Performance Downrigger




Halibut Fishing Seminar: At Cabela’s (Tulalip)  March 14th and 15th


Mark your calendar for Saturday and Sunday-March 14th and 15th.

This is Cabela’s “Spring Great Outdoors Sale” and “Captain’s Weekend”. Two days of Great Sales/ Outdoor Seminars. Local Guides and Charter Captains will on hand conducting Free Fishing Seminars both days. Captain’s will have tables set up throughout the store and will be on hand to answer questions, and discuss upcoming fishing opportunity’. At The Tulalip Cabela’s Store

“Jambo’s Sportfishing” will have a table in the fishing department both days. Stop by and say Hi.

Captain Michael Jamboretz from “Jambo’s Sportfishing” will be conducting a Halibut Fishing Seminar at 3:00 PM on Saturday March 14th in the Fishing department. This is a good time to sit in, and get dialed in, and sharpen your skills for a Safe and Successful Halibut trip this Spring!


It is Time to Book your 2016 Fishing Adventure!!!
Jan 16 – Apr 16 all-day

With the Big Seattle Boat Show in the books, we are spending more time filling our books.

If you thinking of planning a Trip, give us a call at 425-788-5955 or 206-595-9526.

You can see pictures of our Fishing Trips, by going to our Facebook page; Type Jambo’s Sportfishing into the search bar at the top of the page on Facebook. As you scroll down the page you will notice that the newest posts are shown first. If you keep going down the page you can view Salmon pictures in June, July, and August. You can go all the way back to April 2015 to see our Ling Cod/ Rockfish trips. There are some Great pictures of halibut In May.



Come to the Big Seattle Boat Show and sit in on one of Jambo’s Ocean Salmon Fishing Seminars (click for times)
Jan 29 @ 7:00 pm – Feb 4 @ 6:00 pm

Deep Water Chinook Fishing on the North Coast


Capt. Mike Jamboretz “Jambo’s Sportfishing”


Stage #1 North Hall


Friday January 29, 2016: 7:00PM- 7:50PM


Saturday January 30, 2016: 3:00PM – 3:50PM


Monday- February 1st, 2016: 5:00 PM- 5:50PM


Wednesday- February 3rd, 2016: 6:00PM- 6:50PM


Thursday- February 4th, 2016: 5:00PM-5:50PM


Coming home from a Coastal Salmon trip with Limits of Nice Kings’ makes it easy to forget about today’s gas prices!

Michael Jamboretz from “Jambo’s Sportfishing” has been fishing Washington’s North Coast for a number of years, and can get you dialed in to catch limits of quality Ocean Chinook.

Come sit in as Michael discusses locations, tides, timing, lure size and color for the right presentation, to make your next trip Safe and Successful

WOW!!! WE Just Had Some Spots Open Up For Halibut Fishing in Sekiu!!! (click here for info)
Apr 1 – Apr 2 all-day

Sekiu Hali 15 - CopyHere Is a Picture from last year in Sekiu.  Timing could not have been better! We found Great above average size Fish!    Maybe we can do this again this year! Give us a Call if you want to get on-board for one of these Very Limited TRIPS   425-788-5955 / 206-595-9526

Taking Bookings: Offshore Deepwater Ling Cod/ Rockfish! and Near Shore Bottomfish!
Feb 6 @ 9:03 pm – May 31 @ 10:03 pm

OffShore Deepwater Ling Cod/Rockfish Trips are definately a lot of “Bang for the Buck”

These Trips Start in April and are only available thru May 2nd, as our Depth Restriction goes into effect on May 3rd.

On these trips you will take home Two Large Ling Cod and a limit of Rockfish.

We venture out to the same Banks and Deep Water that we would on an Offshore Halibut Trip. The difference being that we will concentrate on the rockier areas where we find the Nicer Ling Cod, with the least amount of Halibut encounters.

Then we target the Yellowtail Rockfish that can be found in large mid-water schools. These are definitely one of my Favorite Foods!!!! This is a Great OffShore Trip!!!

 Call: H-425-788-5955 C- 206-595-9526


Washington Sportsmen’s Show!!! (Click here for more info)
Jan 24 @ 10:00 am

Come visit us at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show at the Fairgrounds in Puyallup



Look for this Sign!


This will be our first time back to the Show since 2012.

We have a Great Booth located just inside the S.E entrance to the Showplex Building.

Booth number 174


Don’t Miss This!

Michael Jamboretz (Jambo) will be conducting Fishing Seminars discussing

“Deep Water Ling Cod and Rockfish on Washington’s North Coast”.

The Seminars will be in the Blue Theater, located in the Expo-Hall, just North of the Gold Gate on the Northeast corner of the fairgrounds

The first Seminar is on opening day Wednesday January 24th at 2:30 PM 

The Second Seminar is on Saturday January 27th at 10:30 AM

Seattle Boat Show Halibut Seminars (click here) @ Seattle Boat Show
Jan 31 @ 6:00 pm

Michael Jamboretz from “Jambo’s Sportfishing” will be back at the Big Seattle Boat Show!

            New this year! Halibut!

Micheal will be Talking Halibut at four different seminars, starting on opening day. 

Friday January 26th at 7:00 PM

Saturday January 27th at 4:00 PM

Monday  January 29th at 5:00 PM

Wednesday January 31st at 6:00 Pm

The Fishing Seminar Stage is located at the top of the ramp going into the North Hall from The Main Hall Look for the Signs and follow the long hall into the Fishing Seminar Theater