Neah Bay Halibut Fishing

U.S. Halibut fishing is absolutely fantastic! The limit is one fish, with fish running in size from the low 20’s to 70 Pounds. We have had some fish over 100lbs.

On these “Offshore Halibut” trips we also target “Deep Water Ling Cod”. The Offshore Ling Cod populations are Very Healthy and we know where they live!  Each angler will go home with Two Very Nice Ling Cod with their Halibut.

We are Not allowed to retain any Rockfish on any of the Offshore Halibut days. Check out our ” Offshore Ling Cod with Rockfish” Trips in April thru May 8th!

The  Halibut days for 2018 on the Washington Coast  will be May 11, 13, 25, and 27.     We will offer other Great Trips on the off days. Give us a call to discuss some of the other Good Washington State Fishing Options. 

Because Marine Areas 2 – 10 will all fish the same three days, we will not be able to offering Sekiu Halibut Trips  this year.


The Last Day of Halibut 2012

The Last Day of Halibut 2012

Because our U.S. Halibut Days so limited, we have created  a  Trip for “Deep Water Ling Cod/ Rockfish”. Check Out our Ling Cod Page!   Click on the Ling Cod Picture on the right for more information.


Give us a call to book your trip.


This Halibut is hiding on the bottom, waiting to spring up like a Cobra when she sees your bait.

This Halibut is hiding on the bottom, waiting to spring up like a Cobra when she sees your bait.



NOTICE: Sorry, but after much thought, we have decided to no longer offer Canadian Halibut Trips.  








It can be a long journey to the  Halibut Grounds. It can take a couple of  hours to get to some of the good spots. The time can pass fast, though. Feel free to take a nap or check out the sights that only the Ocean an offer. Humpback Whales are sited more frequently than not during these rips. Migratory Killer whales (Orcas) are also sited, but not as often as the Humpbacks. Other Sea Mammals, like Porpoise, Dolphin, Seals and Sea lions can sometime be spotted. If you are into Sea Birds, there is no place like the Washington Coast off of Neah Bay.

After we have caught our Limit of Halibut, and your Deckhand and I take a few minutes to catch our breath, we will start back in. Your deckhand will then sort the fish. This is the time for pictures with your catch.

We encourage everyone to bring their  food and drink for the day. Sometimes when the fishing and weather click, we will cook some fish on the way in. I personally never get tired of fresh fish cooked on our own grill on the Malia Kai.

Better Than Average

Better Than Average

These are the typical size you can expect in Canada